Many moons ago I bought a MK809 II Android TV stick. This is a popular RK3066 device that one can flash G8’s Picuntu image, and run Ubuntu server on it.

It was bleeding edge stuff where you could install an armhf version of Ubuntu 12.04 onto the stick. It makes an ideal “stick server” with extremely low power consumption. Those were the days before Raspberry Pie !

A few years later, I am looking to upgrade it to Ubuntu 14. The usual apt-get dist-upgrade didn’t work and it was extremely frustrating. I suffered months of failure without help.

Recently I found the answer from:

I replaced my Picuntu’s /etc/apt/sources.list with the following, I was then able to run apt-get and upgrade to Ubuntu 14.04 armhf.

deb trusty main
deb-src trusty main
deb trusty-updates main
deb-src trusty-updates main
deb trusty-security main
deb-src trusty-security main

apt-get dist-upgrade in progress…

The whole process took over 45 minutes,  after a reboot I was met with a Ubuntu 14.04 banner.