In his final minutes, the Doctor rewinded back in time to reunite with young Amelia. He relished the emotion of joy in safe knowledge that he would restore Amelia’s life and the universe back to normal, but to his sadness, he came to realisation of his own fate: their friendship, life experiences, memories of adventures and the Doctor himself would be erased as a sacrifice — not that he had any fear for his own safely or existence. “I hate repeats” — in the Doctor’s own sweet and bitter words.

This touching scene provided ample room for audiences’ imagination and interpretation. Steve Moffat’s writing has given us a dreamy “fairly tale” ending. The acting of Matt Smith was flawless, you can see how Matt expressed his joy and sadness perfectly and seamlessly in his monologue — it’s a display of brilliance rarely seen in DW series.

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Doctor Who S05E01 - Amelia Pond and the Doctor - Fish Finger and Custard
This is my first HD video upload. Apologies for the imperfect encoding quality in certain scenes (noticeably @2:43 around the crack on the wall)

Originally I planned to cut and mix in a few other scenes and insert them into this clip — but it would ruined Matt’s shining performance so the clip was left uncut as per original. Please watch, enjoy, feel good about it, rate it and comment!

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To Everyone – please thank the BBC and the DW team for giving us the very best of the DW series for the world to enjoy. We look forward to the 2010 Christmas Special!