Our company have been looking at ways to reduce fuel consumption.  There are many obvious parameters involved with fuel consumption when managing a fleet of vehicles (e.g. vehicle minimum load, engine efficiency, vehicle age, driving ergonomics etc etc..)

While researching fuel efficiency, we came across with a fuel additive called Aderco, distributed by Ecofuel Plus in the UK.  http://www.ecofuelplus.co.uk/

Aderco 5000 - plastic bottle with cap

Aderco 5000 - our sample


So we took some samples and used it on 5 of our vehicles (we have 10 in total).  A few months later, lo and behold, the 5 vehicles subjected to the product have used 15% less fuel over a 6 months period!

I certainly don’t believe in co-incidences nor snake-oil. This Aderco product surely isn’t one, and it seems to be doing what it claims to do. The product is a fluid that we add into our fuel. Please note that we were told this additive is very concentrated – you will only need about 1 part per 5000 of fuel that you put into your tank. We experimented using droplets in our vehicles fuel tank (!!!) so it works out very economically. There is everything to gain (fuel efficiency and cleaner combustion) and there is nothing to lose.

Energy crisis will never be over, but I am glad to know that there is something available here http://www.ecofuelplus.co.uk/ to delay it.